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About MR.J®

About Mr. J Meet Mr. J, a mouth-breathing-barbaric-lousy-writer so self involved that he failed Astronomy 101 because he literally thought the world revolved around him. Someone once stole his identity but it was quickly returned . . . along with several others to choose from. Mr. J is writing a new book or as he called it "an Amish blog". It will probably have more unread pages than crack dealer's beeper during the 80's. July 17, 2010 AMPHIGORY ALMANAC ranked number 38 on AMAZON'S BESTSELLER HUMOR LIST.'s Author Achievement Amazon A-list Award Achieving Author, Mr.J is nominated by Indiepress Inc. as BEST BREAKTRHOUGH AUTHOR 2011. -Muse Monthly Magazine Mr.J's new book entitled AMPHIGORY ALMANAC is splendid, superb, and smart. -Travel Trade Tribune Mr.J commands the english language with terrific the power of Zeus that resonates from the surface of the page to the deepest crevice of the reader's imagination. -Word-Nerd World Weekly AMPHIGORY ALMANAC display's Mr.J's elogence and eloquence are subtle yet celebrated in this peice of paperback perfection. -Elite English E-zine Imagine if Mark Twain and Mitch Hedberg had a love-child of literature it would be named Amphigory Almanac. -Quiet Quip Quarterly AMPHIGORY ALMANAC's relentlessly razor sharp and remarkably rapid fire humor create the sparks that could set the entire sky on fire with wickedly wonderful wordplay. -Geek Speak Gazzette Make sure you have a dental plan before cracking open AMPHIGORY ALMANAC'S covers because it will be jaw dropping. -Papercut Press Publishing In the 19th century of fiction there was Lewis Carol, in the 20th century of fiction there was hemmingway, and now as readers embark the 21st century of fiction we fasten our eyes in awe to the newly named sultan of sonnets, the prince of prose, the wizard of wordsmiths: Mr. J. -Novelist Newbie Network What Edison was to electricity, what Marconi was to sound, and what terrible sitcoms was to Sherwood Shwartz is equivalent to what Mr.J is to comedic commantary. -Bookworm Brodcasting Bros. If boredom was a disease Mr.J's homerun hitting humor book AMPHIGORY ALMANAC would be the cure like insulin of intrigue to the diabetes of dullness. -Rainy Reality Review PRESS RELEASE Outskirts Press, Inc. has published it's highly anticipated release of humor, AMPHIGORY ALMANAC: Hebetudinous Humour, Pedantic Prose, & Linguistic Levity: Meet Mr. J by Brandon Craig Jones. The author's most recent book to date is a 5.5 x 8.5 paperback in the literary collections and humor category and is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The webpage at was launched s

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